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2013 Programs   

Historical Publications Starr ClarkTin Shop To Volunteer

 We have had a busy summer.  Stop in and see the new displays at the Mexico Museum.  Along with MACS yearbooks dating from the 1920's to present, we have many unique Eugene Kaskin clay whistles, commemorative plates, historical books on Mexico, postcards and miscellaneous items of interest for sale.

The Starr Clark Tin Shop and Underground Railroad Museum renovation is almost complete.   The 2nd floor will house displays, meeting room and storage.  




2013 Historical Society Officers  

L to R: Alie Proud, President, Marilyn Marks, Vice President, Madilyn Schmidt, Secfretary, Jim Hotchkiss, Treasurer, 


2013 Board of Trustees


 Bonnie Loforte, Brends Hotchkiss, Bonnie Shumway
 Sandra Scott, Jim Hotchkiss, Betty Green, Rich LaCrosse,
Marie Hartwell. Absent: Louise Meyer, Zenola Beardslee.


























Volunteer are an important element in maintaing any organization,  Especially so with the Historical Society which is the steward of the Mexico Museum and the Starr Clark Tin Shop and Underground Railroad Museum.   Please contact Allie Proud at (315)963-3129 to volunteer for any of our projects. The areas most urgently in need of help are:  Museums visiting hours, and program committee.
















Member and Dues


Mexico Historical Society Membership annual dues:  Individual $10, Family $15, Patron $50, Student/Senior $5.   You may make checks payable Mexico Historical Society and mail to:

Mexico Historical Society
 PO Box 331
Mexico, NY  13114

Dues will also be accepted at our meetings.

If you knlow of a friend or someone who is interested in local history, please encourage them to become a member of Mexico Historical Society.




















                                      Starr Clark Tin Shop                                                                                                                                                                                           

Do You Remember

Courtesy of the Mexico Independent, July 27, 1933      


That two or three times in this column we have had occasion to mention the name of Mr. Starr Clark as one of the leading men of his time in this village?  Only our oldest residents will recall him or the fact that his store was then located on East Main Street, near where now stands the home of Mr. Carl Simons.  Mr. Clark was not only a thrifty, wide-awake merchant, and a key man in the "Underground Railway" for transporting run-away slaves from the South to Canada, but he was as well a student of nationwide matters, and was then the only subscriber to a daily paper in the village.  Being an ardent supporter of, and an earnest believer in Horace Greeley, it is easy to understand this daily paper was the New York Tribune.

Railroads had not as yet reached the village of Mexico, and the mail was brought from Rome or Syracuse by stage.  It is related that every afternoon, as the time drew near for the arrival of the stage, a gathering of men could be seen in front of Starr Clark's store, looking anxiously up the hill toward Prattham, watching for the first sight of the four horse team and the lumbering bus which was to bring the paper and the news from the outer world.

Those were the days before the railroad, telegraph, telephone, or radio, and about the only means of knowing what might be happening in the great spaces beyond the confines of your own village or town was the advent of the traveling salesman, the occasional letter from some distant friend or relative, and, as in the case of this village, some resident who might be so fortunate or fore-handed as to receive a daily paper.

There was seemingly nothing small, mean, or stingy in the makeup of Starr Clark, and realizing the interest of his fellow residents in the markets, politics, and happenings in general, it became a daily occurence for him to read aloud, to those who had gathered for that purpose, the news contained in the daily sheet, and then followed the inevitable discussion, pro and con, as to its importance or general interest.

And so, in a way, he became a public benefactor to his less fortunate town's people.


More anon






The Tin Shop


The Tin Shop






Phase 1

of the

Tin Shop





The first phase of the reconstruction of the Starr Clark Tin Shop is complete.  The Continental Construction Company has rebuilt the foundation, applied a new roof, with new underlayment and gutters, tore off the vinyl siding and restored the wooden clapboards, replacedd the modern windows and relocated the door to the center of the South face of the building.  They also removded what we cal the "connector" building that tied the Tin Shop to the bank building on the West to separate the buildings.  A new stairway was constructed inside the northern park of the building.  The contractor shored up the first and second floors.  Shutters wer added to the second floor windows to bring the property to the look of the nineteenth century.

Phase 2

of the

Tin Shop



The original building has been taken back to its mid-1800 appearance.  The exterior matches a circa 1900 photo that we have of the store.  With the help of Leslie and Richard LaCrosse, the interior has been rebuilit to its 1830's glory.  The original wall planks and ceiling have been exposed and preserved.  The front of the building, the original built in 1927, is now ready to house a working Tin Shop and an Underground Rail Road Interpretive Center.  The rest of the building will be an Annex for the mexico Historical Society Museum. Phase 3 will begin in October 2012.

We are planning a grand opening of the "new" Tin Shop and the Interpretive Center on December 1, 2012 as part of the Christmas in Mexico weekend.  Please join us on that weekend and see what many of us have been anticipating for nearly ten years.

In the meantime, if anyone has, or knows of, any tin ware from the time period, please contact a Historical Society at 963-7034..  We are anxiously looking to add to the display.


If you would llike to help or to donate money or materials to the Starr Clark Tin Shop you may contact Jim Hotchkiss at 963-7898 or send an email to mayorjim1@msn.com.

Pictured is a tin smith
work table donated to the
Starr Clark Tin Shop by
Pam and Brian Roach
of the Hart & Stone General Store.

Standing with the table are:  Jim Hotchkiss, Chairman of the Starr Clark Tin Shop
Restoration Committee, Joe Maryak, Architec, Committee members Marie and Ed Hartwell and Kenvyn Richards.

Interior of Starr Clark Tin Shop prior to  Phase 2 of restoration.



Special Opening for the Starr Tin Shop

      During Christmas in Mexico, 2012

boy with hammer.jpg - 100.56 KB


davidjimallie.jpg - 81.69 KB  
table 2.jpg - 243.39 KB  




















                                             2013 Historical Society Programs                                                   


April 11 - Reconstruction of the Starr Clark Tin Shop, presented by Richard and Leslie LaCrosse at the Tin Shop, 3250 Main Street, 7 p.m.

May 9- History of Grandma Brown's Baked Beans, presented by Sandra Brown at the Oswego County Federal Credit Union, 5828 Scenic Ave., 7 p.m.

June 13 - Fishing on the Salmon River,  at the Starr Clark Tin Shop, 7 p.m.

July 11 - Mexico Fire Department History, presented by Hank Meyer at the Wilcox Memorisl, Church St, at 7 p.m.

August 8 - Annual Picnic and Richard LaCrosse presenting History of Silas Town, at Mexico Point Park, 5:30 p.m.  Bring your table service, beverage and dish to pass.

September 12 - Forgotten Women of the Civil War (Anna Ella Carroll), presented by Lowell & Anna Newvine at the Wilcox Memorial, Church Street, 7p.m.

October 10 - Glass Works, presented by the Cleveland Historian at the Starr Clark Tin Shop, 3250 Main St., 7 p.m.

November 14 - Antique Appraisal by Barry Haynes at the Wilcox Memorial, Church St.,  7 p.m.   Bring one item to be appraised.

December 8 - Annual Christmas Concert at the Presbyterian Church, Church St., 3 p.m.  Refreshments following the concert.   Donations accepted.

PLEASE PUT THESE DATES ON YOUR CALENDER. We hope to see you at as many programs as possible. Public is welcome!

Meetings start at 7 p.m. at the Wilcox Hall unless otherwise noted.

Programs are subject to change, so check the Mexico Independent each month for more information.




















                                       Publications for Sale                                               


Mexico Mother of Towns - hard cover - $40.00
Historic Mexico - soft cover $19.99
Mexico The 20th T
own - soft cover - $23.00 hard cover - $30.

Mexico Memories soft cover -
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